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FCPS part-1 january 2009 ( RADIOLOGY)

Contributed by Dr. Usman (
Well the paper consisted of paper 1 and paper 2 . although I cannot commit to my memory all the mcqs but an effort is made to recall as many possible as it can be,to benefit my colleagues in future.i have tried to give the correct answers which I have later confirmed from authenticated sources but the margin of error is still there . I hope it will be benefical. anyone requiring any advice regarding fcps 1 feel free to contact on my e mail. Looking forward for your prayers.

1. Gastric emptying inhibited by
Ans. CCK

2. Which hepatitis has the most mortality
a. hepA
b. hep B
c. hep C
d. hep D ( ans)
e. Hep E

3. Aldosterone secretion increases in response to
a. hyponatremia
b. increase ACTH
c. hyperkalemia (ans)

4. 65% Na reabsorption is in
a. PCT (ans )
b. DCT

5. osmotic pressure depends on
a. increase molecular size
b. increase no of particles (ans)
c. electric charge

6. regarding heamoglobin
a doesnot carry CO2
b. acts as a buffer (answer )
c. contains 2 alpha and 2 gamma chains

7. diffusion is inversely proportional to
a. thichness of the membrane (ans )

8. infants tend to defecate immediately after they eat because of
a. gastroileal reflex
b. gastrocolic reflex (ans)

9. cause of achlasia is
a. loss of myenteric plexus (ans )

10. appendix
a. does not have tenia coli (ans )

11. what is the energy source after 48 hrs of starvation
a. muscle glycogen
b. liver glycogen
c. muscle proteins (answer)

12. which is not the part of portal tract
a. hepatic artery
b. connective tissue
c. portal vein
d. hepatic vein (ans)
e. bileduct

13. what results after portal hypertension
a. increase portal diameter (ans )

14. Benedict test is used for
a. urine glucose
b. urine ketones (ans)
c. serum glucose

15. iron absorption increases in
a. ferrous form (ans)

16. total gasrectomy results in
a. iron def anemia
b. microcytic anemia
c. pernicious anemia (ans)

17.women with gravida 4 hb 8 occult blood in stool cause
a. iron def anemia (ans)

18.which hormone is responsible for fetal brain development
a. growth hormone
b. prolactin
c. thyroid hormone (ans)

19.adrenal cortical def results in
a. hyperglycemia
b. hypokalemia
c. hyponatremia (ans)
20. hyperPTH will be in all except
a. brown atrophy
b. dystrophic calcification (ans)

21.pseudohyper PTH is seen in
a. vit D def
b. paraneoplastic PTH release from tumours ( I think it is the answer )

22. diagnostic criteria for pre malignant condition
a. increase nuclear cytoplasmic ratio
b. pleomorphism
c. mitotic figures

23. diagnostic criteria for malignant tumours
a. pleomorphism
b. mitotic figure
c. local invasion

24. diagnostic criteria for soft tissue tumours
a. pleomorphism
b. mitotic figures
c. increase vascularity

25. patient with decrease hb, decrease platelets but increase TLC with generalized lymphadenopathy. Lymphocytes normal appearance cause
a. tuberculous lymphadenitis
b. non Hodgkin lymphoma
c. hairy cell
d. CLL

26.patient with CML develop joint pain, which investigation
a. uric acid (ans)
b. RA factor

27. most important chemotactic agent
a. leukotriene B4
b. C5 complex (ans)
c. histamine

28. heparin is released by which cells
a. mast cells
b. basophils ( I think so it is the ans )
c. platelets
d. neutrophils

29. most radiosensitive tumour
a. bone
b. lung
c. lymphnode
d. brain

30.least site of metastasis
a. brain
b. lung
c. liver
d. lymphnode
e. spleen ( ans )

31.sideeffect of theophylline
a. hypertension
b. seizures (ans)
c. nausea vomiting
d. apnea

32. most common side effect of estrogen contraceptive
a. thromboembolism ( ans)

33. which hormone decrease cholesterol
a. progesterone
b. estrogen ( ans)

34.women with lower abdominal pain on 18 day of LMP presented with secondary infertility . diagnostic D&C will show endometrium in which sage
a. ovulatory
b. secretory
c. proliferative
d. premenstrual

35. insulin def will result in
a. protein synthesis
b. glycogen syntheseis
c. ketogeneis in liver (ans)

36. which is a stress hormone
a. cortisol (ans)
b. NE

37. severe dehydration will result in
a. loss of ICF only
b. loss of ECF only
c. loss of total body water (ans)

38. most imp ICF electrolyte in excess
a. K+(ans)
b. Na
c. Cl-
d. HCO3

39. Bilesalts absorb from
a. ileum (ans)
b. jejunum

40.factor 1X def what should be given
a. cryoprecipitate
b. FFP
c. whole blood

41.heavy smoker with hoarseness vocal cord will show
a. hyperplasia (ans)
b. tumour
c. atrophy

42.what is not present in bowman capsule
a. podocytes
b. stratified epithelium (ans)

43. habitual smoker the epithelium will be
a. continuous stratified sq epi
b. pseudo stratified epi with patches of stratified sq epi

44. regarding CSF
a. produced by chroidplexus which is cauliflower in shape coverd by smooth muscle
b. daily production is 500 ml per day(ans)

45. axon doesnot contain
a. mitochondia
b. nissl substance (ans)

46. PDGF released from which organelles of platelets
a. alpha granules (ans)
b. dense granules
c. cytoplasm
d. cell membrane

47. smooth muscle is
a. striated
b. cardiac muscle is a specialized smooth muscle (ans)

48.somites are formed from
a. ectoderm
b. mesoderm (ans)
c. mesenchyma has difficulty rising from sitting position but flexion of leg is normal, which musle is involved
b.gluteusmaximus (ans)
c. sartorius

50.pellagra is due to
a. niacin def (ans)

51.which enzyme common to metabolism of both NE and serotonin
b. MAO (ans )

52. thin filament is covered by
a. titin
b. tropomyosin ( ans)
c. troponin t

53.narrowest part of urethra
a. external meatus (ans)
b. membranous urethra
c. navicular fossa

54.dorsal rami contribute to
a. extensors of trunk(ans)
b. flexors of neck
c. extensors of leg

55.diapgragm doesnot arise from
a. T10(ans)
b. 7th costal cartilage
c.9th rib
d. L1

56.bones of carpel
a. proximal row contains scaphoid, lunate,triquetral, pisiform(ans0

57.lattismus dorsi nerve supply
a. thoracodorsal n (ans)

58.artery which is adjacent to the phrenic nerve
a. internal thoracic
b. musculophrenic
c. pericardiophrenic (ans) recurrent laryngeal n not associated with
a. arch of aorta
b.ligamentum arterisus
c. trachea and esophagus
d. sup vena cava (ans)

60.foreign body enters into rt lung because
a. it is more vertical and wider than left lung(ans)

61.enlargement of which part of the heart causes esophageal obs
a. left atrium (ans)
b. rt atrium
c. rt ventricle

62. which vein of heart is located in posterior interventricular sulcus
a middle cardiac vein(ans)
b. anterior cardiac vein
c. great cardiac vein

63.contraction of diaphragm causes
a.increase thoracic pr
b.decrease abdominal pr
c. increase thoracic volume (ans)

64.medial quadrant of breast lymph drainage
a. internal thoracic nodes (ans)
b. posterior nodes
c. axillary nodes

65. tumour of cervix will spread to labius majora via
a. roung ligament of uterus (ans )

66clavipectoral fascia
a. invests pectoral minor muscle (ans)
b. is pierced by axillary artery continuous with prevertebral fasia

67. blockage of rt marginal artery will result in interruption of blood supply to
a. SA node
b. interatrium wall
c. rt atrium (ans)

68.thoracic duct
a. passes thru aortic opening (ans)

69.structure precent b/w celiac trunk and sup mesenteric artery
a. pancrease and jejunum
b. pancrease (ans)

70. structure not lying posterior to left kidney is
a. duodenum (ans)
b. spleen
c. tail of pancrease

71. most anterior structure in popliteal fossa is
a. popliteal vein
b. common peroneal n
c. tibial n
d. popliteal artery (ans)

72. regarding autosomal recessive trait
a. chances of siblings to be affected is one in four

73. sup petrosal sinus is related to
a. diaphragmatic sella
b. tentorium cerebelli
c. sella turtica
d. falx cebri

74. middle cerebral vein drains into
a. cavernous sinus
b. straight sinus

75. proximal portion of CBD is supplied by
a. cystic artey (ans)
b. rt hepatic artery
c. left hepatic artery

76.cbd is divided in to following portions
a. retroduodenal+infraduodenal+supraduodenal+intraduodenal(ans)

77. lesseromentum is divided inti following portions
a. gastrohepatic+hepatoesophageal+hepatoduodenal+gastrodenal (ans)

78. regarding mekels diverticulum
a. it is a remanant of embryonic yolk sac (ans)
b. it is precent in 10% of population
c. it is 60cm distal to ileocecal valve
79. what is the commenest site of ureter stone obstruction in a standing male patient
a. lateral wall of pelvis
b. pelvic brim (ans)
c. upper part of ureter

80. calculate the median in following data 20,24,25,30,30,35
a. 30
b. 28.5(ans)
c. 35

81. regarding behavioural sciences , how is the professionalism of a doctor judged
a. punctuality
b. reputation
c. knowledge

82. in order to disclose news regarding fatal disease
a. patient should know fist
b. relatives should be told first
c. information should be hidden

83. two gps of patients given haemmorhoidal treatment and their effect seen with time
a. prospective cohort study(ans)

84.antibodies are produced by which cells
a. neutrophils
b. plasmacells(ans)
c. macrophages
d. lymphocytes

85fat embolism all are true except
a. take place with damage to fat tissue only (ans)
b. trauma to the breast atherosclerosis following are seen
a. foam cells (ans)

87. migratory thrombophlebitis is seen in
a. acute pancreatitis
b. chronic recurrent pancreatitis
c. pancreatic tumour (ans)

88.which structure crosses the aorta
a.left renal vein (ans)
b rt renal vein
c. left ovarian vein


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  4. Heparin and histamine are both released from mast cells and basophils. Just look at a peripheral smear of blood 1 hour after taking 500mg of niacin. The basophils will be burst and scattered granules will be seen. Also triglycerides and LDLP will be lowered,and the old Lee-White clotting time will be prolonged.Prophylaxis against anaphylactoid and anaphylactic shock in mammals.

    Donn Hickman MD
    Plastic Surgeon
    Private Practice
    Long Beach, CA

    I did Research on Niacin (1968-1972) under Edwin Boyle, Jr. MD, Cardiologist, NIH/Miami Heart institute pioneer in research on NIACIN and coronary artery disease. See his papers from 1962.

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