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Medicine JUNE 2008

Contributed By Dr Noman Butt.

1) If a person came to u with infertility and azospermia what would be the best test
a) FSH+LH b) prolactin c) buccal smear d) LH e) testosterone

2) whats Hb H disease??
a) omission of 3 alpha chains of Hb
b) presence of barts hemoglobin
c) requires frequent blood transfusion
3) which one is not the part of brainstem?
a) pons
b) cerebral peduncles
c) cerebellum
d) superior colliculus
e) mesencephalon
4) Radiation affects/causes injury to......
a) cell membrane
b) nucleus
c) cytoplasm
d) mitochondria
5) cerebellar lesion causes
a) adiadokinesia
b) sensory loss
c) motor weakness
d) hypertonia
6) ovarian ca metastasizes early to......
a) lung
b) peritoneum
c) stomach
d) opposite ovary

7) Isthmus of thyroid gland lies against the tracheal rings:
a) 1st and 2nd
b) 2nd and 3rd
c) 3rd and 4th
d) 4th and 5th
e) 5th and 6th

8) Lymphoid nodules are not present in
a) spleen
b) thymus
c) tonsil
d) peyers patches

9) Most common Souce of pulmonary emboli
a) femoral vein
b) popliteal vein
c) periprostatic veins
d) periovarian veins
e) superficial saphenous vein

10) A lady suffered an injury in a RTA and became unable of flex both her leg and thigh. The muscle most likely affected
a) Biceps femoris
b) Rectus femoris
c) Semimebranosus
d) sartorius
e) semitendinosus

11) A child sufferd from repeated episodes of mild jaundice. Diagnosis after his labs showed unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia
a) Dubin johnson syndrome
b) Bile duct obstruction
c) Gilbert syndrome
d) Rotor syndrome

12) A child aspirated a peanut. In which lobar bronchus it must have lodged
a) Left upper
b) Right inferior
c) rt middle
d) rt superior
e) left inferior

13) Left 7th bronchopulmonary segment is called
a) lateral basal
b) anteromedial basal
c) lingual lobe
d) apicoposterior
e) posterior basal

14) The following does not have an associated valve
a) superior vena cava
b) inferior vena cava
c) coronary sinus
d) aorta
e) pulmonary trunk

15) The following is not present in relation to Posterior relations of left kidney
a) quadratus lumborum
b) psaos
c) colonic flexure
d) diaphragm

16) Normal quiet expiration is brought about by contraction/recoil of
a) diaphragm
b) elastic tissue in thoracic and lung wall
c) abdominal muscles
d) sternocleidomastoid

17) A child died of severe pneumonia. At autopsy, the lung shoed Warthin- fikelendenberg cells with many nuclei. causative organism:
a) Ebola virus
b) CMV
c) measles virus
d) rubella virus
e) pneumocystis carinii

18) The following disease most severely affects the esophageal phase of swallowing
a) myasthenia gravis
b) scleroderma
c) poliomyelitis
d) stroke

19) The normal esophagus is
a) 10 inches in length
b) lies entirely in the thoracic cavity
c) consists entirely of skeletal muscle

20) A 26 yr old girl 28 week of gestation developed vomiting...bilirubin 20mg/dl,SGOT 272 and SGPT 220 .2 weeks back she went to meet her parents in a remote village. she has no history of any blood transfusion or past surgery.whats her diagnosis
a) hepatitis A
b) hep B
c) hep c
d) hep d
e) hep e

21) Genes are
a) intron
b) exon
c) DNA
d) RNA
e) ribosome

22) Lymphatic drainage of medial quadrant of breast
a) axillary
b) internal memory lymph node

23) Renal excretion of a drug
a) depndnt on GFR
b) ......

24) Menopause is associated with
a) low estrogen and high FSH and high LH
b) low estrogen and high FSH and low LH
c) high estrogen and low FSH and LH
d) low estrogen and normal FSH and LH

25) A 20 yr old girl with type 1 diabetes is brought to emergency in semi comatosed condition. An injection of insulin given to her will raise her
a) blood sugar level
b) pH of blood
c) urinary excretion of ketones

26) Which one of the Following is terratogenic
a) alcohol
b) coffee
c) heroin
d) Phenothiazine
e) tobacco

27) Lamia propria of vagina is made up of
a) collgen fibres
b) reticular
c) elastic......

28) Which of the following is not forming double peritoneum layer
a) broad ligament
b) suspensory lig
c) mesovarium
d) mesosalpinx

29) Richest in triglycerides
a) chylomicrons
b) LDL
d) HDL

30) At the end of a marathon race, a person has
a) high insulin and low glucagon
b) high glucagon and high insulin
c) high glucagon and low insulin
d) high cortisol

31) A pts GFR dropped from 100 to 20. If the serum creatinine was 1 with GFR 100ml/min, the new serum creatinine would be
a) 0.5
b) 2.0
c) 5.0
d) 30
e) 20

32) Target tissue of Rickettsia??
a) endothelial cells
b) nervous tissue
c) macrophages
d) muscle cells
e) blood cells

33) Most effected organ by dental radiology-
a) brain
b) thyroid gland
c) lungs
d) heart

34) Which nerve is most likely to damage during 3rd molar surgical removal?
a) mandibular nerve
b) inferior alveolar nerve
c) lingual nerve
d) baccal nerve

35) A patient presented to emergency in a semicomatosed condition after an RTA with multiple long bone fractures with BP 80/50 mmHg. What will u do?
a) volume replacement
b) oral airway
c) tracheostomy
d) splinting of fractures

36) Which of the following drugs is proved to be beneficial in the treatment of Subdural haematoma?

a) Atenolol
b) nifedipine.
c) losartan
d) nimodipine

37) Which of the following tumors in children is due to gene amplification?

a) Neuroblastoma
b) retinoblastoma
c) Wilms tumor

38) Chronic diarrhea can be due to
a) giardiasis
b) crohn’s disease

39) A patient presented with sore throat & fever. blood picture shows atypical lymphocytes. diagnosis is
a) aids
b) infectious mononucleosis

40) Changes in V1 & avf indicates
a) anterior wall MI
b) inferoir wall MI

41) A Patient presented with cysts in liver,cause can be
a)teania solium
b)teania echinococccus

42) 3rd heart sound is due to
a) rapid ventricular filling
b) AV valves closure

43) Following is responsible for CNS myelination
a) shwan cell
b) oligodendrocyte

44) Pt presented in emergency in unconcious sate,,,resport indiactes hematoma in right parietal region, cause is
a) internal carotid artery
b) basilar artery
c) middle cerebral artery

45) Functional residual capacity
a)can b measured by spirometry

46) A Diagnosed case of emphysema presents in emergency with dyspnea, examination shows decreased breath sounds & hyper -resonance,investgation to evaluate cause is
a) chest x-ray
b) ABG'S

47) In adults, spinal cord ends at level of
a) L1
b) L3
c) L2

Perhaps it was middle meningeal artery in the above question

48) Upper end of esophagus is at the level of
a) C6
b) C7
c) T1

49) Fluid having 0.5gm protein/dl
a) CSF
b) Lymph
c) plasma
d) serum

50) Severe blood transfusion reaction will occur
a) A+ given to A-
b) AB+ given to O+

51) In achlasia cardia, there is
a) Decreased resting tone of LES
b) Increased no of ganglia in myenteric plexus
c) Decreased no of ganglia in myenteric plexus

52) Renal clearnace
a) depends on GFR
b) decrease in infants

53) Cerebellum lesion can cause
a) adiadokinesia
b) static tremors
c) hypertonia
d) sensory loss in body

54) A patient presented in the ER with an acute onset of severe chest pain radiating towards the left arm and jaw with a BP of 130/80 mm of Hg.ECG shows ST segment elevation; cardiac enzymes are normal.What is the diagnosis?

a) Acute MI
b) Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm

55) A patient presents with scanning speech & intention tremors, lesion is in
a) cerebellum
b) basal ganglia

56) There were 2 or 3 questions regarding acid-base balance but dont rememer the values..

57) Increase level of erythropoetin is seen in
a) lung carcinoma
b) renal CA
c) cerebellar tumor

58) A young 20yr old guy while climbing stairs had sudden sharp Rt sided chest pain. Cause
a) ventilation-perfusion mismatch
b) blockage of pulm capillary
c) Fall in PO2
d) Fall in atm pressure
e) ……..

59)A pt. on MAO inhibitor is given 1st dose of barbiturate will develop
a) coma
b) insomia

60) A lady in 3rd trimester comes with hypertension and edema . she has history of seizures . the treatment of choice will be
a) MGSO4
b) methyldopa
c) clonidine

61) Which of the following develop from endoderm ?
b) gonads
d) palatine tonsil

62) Cannon wave is associated with
a) tricuspid regurgitation
b) complete heart block

63) Which of the following property prevent heart muscles from tetanization?
a) rythymicity
b) prolong refractory period

64) A pt. comes to emergency with severe SOB for 4 hours,ecg shows ST elevation , serum cardiac enzymes are not raised , the most likely diagnosis is
a) MI
b) pulmonary emboli
c) retrosternal goiter

65) Jaw angle is innervated by
a )

66) pH 7.3 , pCO2 30 ,hco3 18 , pt. most likely to have (exact scenario not memorized)

67) Half life of a drug is 2 mins , how long it'll take to reach steady state concentration?
a) 4 mins
b) 9 mins
c) 16 mins

68) The pt. is suffering from UTI , the diagnosis is confirmed by
a) urine culture
b) blood culture
c) urine + blood culture

69) The most potent stimulant for erythropoietin?
b) hypoxia
70) The true statement about growth hormone is
d ) its a polypeptide

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